Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The 2012 Tour...

In September 2012, AISWA TP led a group of 25 school leaders and Early childhood practitioners to the UK  on a study tour.The purpose of the tour was to provide ECE leaders with the opportunity to share teaching and learning experiences from different backgrounds, exchange ideas for early learning centres, risk management, and learning through adventurous play in natural environments.

Participants met in London and travelled together for two weeks visiting exceptional early learning centres along the way.  By spending an extended period of time together delegates were able  to network with other school leaders and to engage in in-depth conversations about the application of nature based education in the context of Western Australian Schools.

The tour provided a balance of hands on engagement, cultural experiences, centre visits, practical demonstrations and acquiring of bush skills, key note speakers, and pedagogical knowledge.
A highlight of the tour was attending the specially organized conference, Exploring  Nature and its Learning Potential, with international speakers Clare Warden, Tim Gill, Anders Farstad, and  Inger Johanne Jensen.

The one-day session on Talking and Thinking Floorbooks, Talking Tubs and 3 D mindmapping allowed participants to see the strong literacy links inside and outside the classroom and how to develop skills of oral language, writing and reading in authentic contexts.

Feedback from the tour was outstanding with many schools heading back to enhance their programs, implement new ways of working outdoors or considering the way the address risk at their school. 

2012 Tour Photos

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