Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Day 8 Fowlis Wester, near Crieff, Scotland

Tuesday morning and we met up with Claire at the Fowlis Wester Village Hall for a presentation on Learning with Nature which included photographs of  global landscapes. Claire shared her popular methodology on using Talking and Thinking Floorbooks and Talking Tubs and in small groups we explored possible lines of development using the objects on our tables and linking this to the Australian Curriculum and the EYLF.

Ponderings and Wonderings
"Dropping down into another space where children are - relax, remembering, connecting - I woke up this morning with lots of ideas in my head" Marg Pontin, Parklands School.

"I told my 6 year old son what we did yesterday and his response was "I wish we had a school like that in Perth!" Jenny Rickwood, Presbyterian Ladies College.

"Lighting the fire, well Niki helped but I did it, we kept it going, all working together. It was amazing - I DID IT!" Erin Jones, Presbyterian Ladies College.

"Being with like-minded people, everybody on the same page, just wonderful" Gail Creswell, Margaret River, Montessori School.

"Hands-on stuff, experience and understanding what it is all about, different perspective, I want to go back to the classroom!" Valerie Gould, AISWA

"Learning curve, we have children who have come from nature, war torn environments and we feel forst thing we need to teach is social skills in classroom based environment. Go back - change everything!!. Go home to do great new things" Ahdielah Edries, Australian Islamic College - Dianella.

"We can start little, start in small ways using small steps" Beth Stubbs, St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls.

After lunch and dressed for the weather we walked to the Mindstretchers Centre of Excellence in Fowlis Wester to explore the mini landscape features as well as participating in a range of practical opportunities and skills such as felting, cooking on fire, painting with mud, transient art, creating a waterwheel, exploring slope and gradient using the technology posts, making whistles, whittling. 


At the end of the 3 hour session we reflected on the experiences - length of time allowed to just explore with minimal structure was very much valued.

Glen took us back to the hotel; tired, windswept and smelling strongly of smoke - I wonder what the other visitors in the hotel thought of us!

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