Monday, 30 September 2013

Days 5 and 6 Dunblane and Crieff

After a few intense days it was the weekend, an ideal time to unwind and reflect on what we have experienced. Some delegates used this time to return to Edinburgh or explore Glasgow and Stirling, the beautiful weather was an added bonus. Many of us explored Dunblane with its riverside walks and historic Cathedral. The golden postbox celebrating Andy Murray's win was also a popular tourist stop.

Sunday afternoon and it was time to move on again...this time to Crieff where we met up with Claire for a reflective session. Claire welcomed us to Crieff and was interested in what we had done over the weekend. She shared some of the history of Crieff (meeting point for cattle drovers) and the role of the traditional landowners or Lairds. She also mentioned that the Scottish Government has stipulated that children have the right to have access to nature kindergartens.

We shared some of our thoughts and reflections on the centres we have visited:
"Fluidity of movement is mind blowing and I have not experienced this before - free rangeness of the spaces really impressed me" (Melanie)

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