Saturday, 14 September 2013

Flights booked - tick, currency - tick, insurance - tick, phone sorted - tick, camera working - tick, medication packed - tick..............and so I would imagine most of us are preparing for this exciting adventure to the UK - our 2013 Scotland Study Visit!

I wanted to introduce myself, Niki Buchan, as your Blogger and photographer on this tour. This became my role during the 2012 tour and I was delighted to be asked to take on this role again for the 2013 tour. During this tour I am hoping that you will share your reflections with me as well as providing a profile of your school and yourself allowing me to feature you on this Blog. I will only take and share photographs of your 'good' side!

I have extensive experience working in both the UK and Australia as an Educational Consultant. I worked with Claire Warden setting up her now famous Nature Kindergartens and was the Head of the Nature Kindergartens until I moved to Australia. Here I have gained a reputation as an outspoken advocate for children's right to a high quality childhood and regularly deliver keynotes, workshops and mentoring sessions supporting Educators in allowing children to take more risks and having access to a wild outdoor space (bush, forest or beach) in Australia and New Zealand. 

See you all on Tuesday the 24th September for the start of the great AISWA adventure.


  1. Oh, Niki! It's with more than a tad of envy that I read your first post for the 2013 AISWA Scotland study tour... It would be wonderful to be joining you and the group for this inspirational trip but alas 'fate' has intervened in the form of a precious and delightful daughter (and I wouldn't change that for the world!!) Nevertheless I can't wait to wonder and learn from afar as you share tales of risk-taking, nature, childhood and education via this blog. Much love to my AISWA comrades, and best wishes to all on the 2013 tour for a rich, thought-provoking experience! Enjoy!!
    Rebecca Duncan

  2. Loving this blog thanks so much for sharing all the great places you get to visit, have fun! xxx

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